| The Gillhams Gravel Rake

Technical Information

Each Gillhams Gravel Rake will arrive almost ready for immediate use. Should one set of tines start to wear then simply clip off one set at the bar as we have provided a built in extra set for real longevity for the heavy user

The one meter rake weighs 4.5 Kg
The 1.5 meter rake weighs 6.5 Kg

Instructions for use

It is possible to tow the rake behind a quad bike, garden tractor or similar but for the best results simply tow the rake behind you at a steady walking pace. Do not take too sharp a turning circle and it is best to simply lift the rake at the end of each sweep and turn it around for it’s next sweep. Enjoy it!

Assembly and use

Attach the cord to both ends of the arms and adjust to the height of the operator by tying off in the middle with any loop to shorten the cord.

* Beware that the tines are sharp so take care when handling the rake but otherwise enjoy hours of satisfaction and weed free gravel.

 | The Gillhams Gravel Rake